A Colony of Bats in Your House

     This was an incredibly simple project but it is a little time consuming.

     I started by sketching out various “styles” of bats on a piece of construction paper. I resorted to googling “cartoon halloween bats” for more ideas.  I actually ran out of black construction paper about halfway through and didn’t want to wait until I bought more so I substituted with a dark purple and it’s barely noticeable.

     Next, I cut out the bats from a stack of 4 or 5 papers. I saved one of the cut out bats to trace on the next stack of papers and taped the rest up in a random pattern.

     I repeated this until I was finished. I also curled some of the bats’ wings back so they weren’t flush against the wall. 

     Overall this was super easy and I think it turned out pretty cool! :)

This was my inspiration for this project 

Welcome :)

I wanted to make a “proper” introduction before I just start posting things on here, so here it goes:

My name is Katie and, at the moment, I plan on using this blog to post pictures and descriptions of any creations I make. It will probably range from cupcakes to holiday DIY decorations but who knows, I pretty much just plan on going with the flow and seeing what happens. Since Halloween is approaching, and it also happens to be one of my favorite holidays, my first posts will be Halloween themed. Anyway, that’s all I can think to share for now! :)